create meaningful engagements

with the Next Generation of Communication & Gifting

See how we do it

Everyone is connected,
but no one is connecting.

Yesterday’s emails, texts and posts are evolving.
Today, every message is an opportunity to engage
using first-of-its-kind multimedia personalization.



Celebrate with personalized messaging for milestones, celebrations, holidays, and everyday moments.

Employer to Employee

Business to Business

Reward and recognize for acheivement, anniversaries, health, and safety.

Business to Consumer

Business to Consumer

Connect with messaging and gifting to welcome, retain, reach out, reward, and engage.

Our Platform is fully integrated
to add gifting to any of our digital solutions

gci engagement platform produces

Up to 300% Growth on eGift Cards

Engagement Platform

& now introducing Phygital:™
adding digital value to physical gifts

Creating a more engaging experience by bridging the gap
between physical and digital.


Recognized as a single source for innovation with

42 Major Industry Awards in 7 years

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