purposeful packaging

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Core Competencies

We specialize in patented solutions that make gifting more memorable.
At GCI, we ground ourselves in strategy and consumer research that provides our clients and consumers with award-winning creative through personalized product solutions.

Turn ordinary gifts into extraordinary experiences.

When giving a gift card as a gift, eighty-four percent of consumers place that gift card into some type of packaging before they give it. Our focus is how to make that packaging resonate with the consumer through innovation and personalization.

Digital Solutions

Make it personal. Make it better.

With approximately 145 billion emails sent each day and as many text messages sent annually, standing out has become a challenge. GCI's patented technology is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Business inquiries, please contact: online@giftcardimpressions.com

Creative Services

Innovative ways to set your products apart.

After winning more than 10 awards in three years, we're the industry leader in producing the most cutting-edge and innovative design work and it shows. Put us to work for you!

Business inquiries, please contact: sales@giftcardimpressions.com

Buzz-worthy promotional events with incredible results.

At GCI, we know how to influence purchase behavior and redemption patterns. We have demonstrated this through the creation and execution of first-ever, industry-wide, national gift card events.

Business inquiries, please contact: online@giftcardimpressions.com